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Books about calendars:

cover Calendrical Calculations: The Millennium Edition
by Edward M. Reingold and Nachum Dershowitz

If you want to write software for calendars, this book is for you! It gives algorithms for the following calendars: Gregorian (current civil), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), Egyptian (and nearly identical Armenian), Julian (old civil), Coptic, Ethiopic, Islamic (Moslem), modern Persian (both astronomical and arithmetic forms), Baha'i (both present and future forms), Hebrew (Jewish), Mayan (long count, haab, and tzolkin), Balinese Pawukon, French Revolutionary (both astronomical and arithmetic forms), Chinese (and nearly identical Japanese), old Hindu (solar and lunisolar), and modern Hindu (solar and lunisolar).

cover Calendrical Tabulations 1900-2200
by Edward M. Reingold and Nachum Dershowitz
This book has tables showing the dates for the following calendars: Gregorian, ISO, Hebrew, Chinese, Coptic, Ethiopic, Persian, Hindu lunar, Hindu solar, and Islamic.

cover Marking Time: The Epic Quest to Invent the Perfect Calendar
by Duncan Steel
The author gives a history of western calendars that is amazingly rich in detail and sprinkled with wit and humor. An excerpt from the jacket:

Did you know?...
- Russia's October Revolution in 1917 actually occurred on November 7th
- For centuries, Britain and the colonies rang in the New Year on March 25th
- The Roman Empire originally observed an eight-day week
- The Roman anno Domini (A.D.) year-counting system is wrong, and Jesus' birth actually occurred some years before December 25th, 1 B.C.

These are just a few of the little-known facts that you will find in acclaimed author Duncan Steel's eye-opening chronicle of the calendar.

Jewish Calendar Mystery Dispelled
by George Zinberg
This book is out of print, but try this link: Google search
This is the book I used to write the Hebrew calendar code used in Rosetta Calendar.